How we help you prepare for a move to assisted living…

SeniorCare Property Solutions was created with a singular mission: “To assist seniors and their families in liquidating assets, which will in turn give them the freedom to move their loved one into a safer and more convenient living situation.” Our professional staff have developed proven strategies to help seniors moving into assisted living or nursing homes. Paying for senior living can be a stressful process, but liquidating a senior’s property through SeniorCare Property Solutions can create peace of mind by turning assets into much needed cash.

GrannyandkidWe manage the entire process from start to finish by handling the marketing, advertising, paperwork, sale of the property, and ultimately providing you with the net proceeds. One important question we are frequently asked is, “What if my parent needs to move now?”. This is one of the key advantages to our unique method. We get the sales process started early, with an advance of cash on the property to help your family start the transition right away.

We are especially understanding of the needs of seniors and their families. We do everything possible to help you take this important life step. Our goal is to simplify a complicated process. SeniorCare Property Solutions is with you every step of the way.

Contact us today, and let us evaluate your situation to see if your property qualifies.